Music, Movement and Mindfulness for Early Learners

Teaching nature connection and sustainable thinking to Early Learners through song, storytelling, and dance.

I pay my respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people and recognise that music, storytelling and dance are inherent within their rich tapestry of ongoing culture. Within my work and teaching I strive to honour this culture by holding it at the centre of my own learning and understanding of my place in the world, and also by understanding my own past, my own lineage. I consider my connection to this landscape a deep privilege, one which is hinged on a terrifying, dark and traumatic history which demands to be recognised and more by all who call this land home today. I stand with First Nations People, past present and emerging, and hope for a future in the which empathy, respect, kindness, knowledge of and care for Country, are values that make up the cornerstones of our communities, our governments, and our big beautiful world.

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Live Shows at your ELC or event.

A carefully curated live show for children under 5. Designed to spark conversations, ingite curiosities and foster a deep sense of belonging to the natural world that surrounds us.

“As an educator of 2-3 year olds I was amazed at the ability for the children to be engaged, focused and delighted for the whole of the Nikki Noodle Show! Nikki skillfullyincorporates elemants of music, puppetry and drama in her show to inspire the children to learn about their world and to look after it. As a class we continued to discuss the themes of Nikki’s show and of course sing her songs. It was the highlight performace of our year!”

~ Tal Ottensooser, Early Childhood Educator

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Parents and Toddlers Music Classes

Mums/ Dads, Bubs and Toddlers weekly music classes in North Katoomba are fun, dynamic and full of learning. Children will have the opportunity to listen, to sing, to play instruments and to move their bodies. We will also practice mind, body connection as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Grown ups are also invited to sing the songs they already know and to learn some new songs that they don’t. These classes are designed to take children on a whimsical musical adventure, and to teach grown ups a repertoire of songs that they can sing with their little ones daily.

Classes Run for 1 hour with 15 minutes settling in and out time. Children are invited to play freely, explore the enviroment and the instruments during this time.

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Classes and Packages

It can take some time for babies and toddlers to test the waters, relax and get involved. This package gives you the chance to see if your child will enjoy and benefit from our classes at a discounted rate. This offer can only be used once, and must be used within 5 weeks of purchasing.

Trial package

3 Sessions


If you love, it you love it!

Why not join us for a full term?

This package includes 2 make up sessions in case you cannot attend due to illness, holidays or life!

Full Term

10 Sessions


If you prefer, we offer casual classes that you can join in on depending on what is happening in your week.

We keep classes small so bookings are essential.

Casual Classes

1 Session


How will music classes and live music benefit my child?

  • Participating in a group
  • Social skills
  • Express emotions
  • Enhance self‐concept by sharing music and dance of each other’s culture
  • Refine listening skills‐noticing changes in tempo or pitch
  • Awareness of movement and body positions
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Learn new words and concepts
  • Explore cause and effect
  • Develop large motor skills
  • Improve balance, coordination and rhythm through dance and movement activities
  • Improve small motor skills‐learning finger plays and playing musical instruments

A little bit about me.

I have been working as an Early Childhood Educator for almost ten years in Sydney, and have recently relocated to the upper Blue Mountains. I am also musician, a yoga instructor, a massage therapist, and a singer-songwriter and I am looking forward to engaging with the community, and to share what I have to offer.

During my time in Early Childhood I have developed a collection of music, classes and live shows which aim to stimulate, inspire and motivate children, their parents and teachers to intrinsically think about the world we live in, to deepen our connection to the natural world and to make thinking sustainably second nature.

I am passionate about teaching early learners, specifically through storytelling, song, music and dance and playing in nature.

My music is available to all for free and you can hear my album "Wild Places, Kind Faces" on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

Book classes, live shows, or an incursion at your centre today.

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